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Turning Point Consulting

Kathryn Taylor BEd CAHRI MACE is Director and Owner of Turning Point Consulting offering schools, educators, students, parents and aligned associations support in creating a platform for positive career evaluation, planning and transition. Kathryn’s consultation, educational programs and student workshops support individuals in identifying and developing themselves through motivation and engagement. Her open and enlightening style is referred to as “inspiring” and “energising” by attendees. Kathryn’s strengths are in utilising a non-confrontational style for a candid reflection of capabilities to comfort, understand and support individuals to “See Opportunities” in themselves and their chosen field.

Maths Australia

Maths Australia support thousands of students to master Maths, even those students who struggle with this subject.

Maths Australia are honoured to share with parents and teachers the opportunity for their students to master Maths as a life skill, regardless of the teacher’s prior experience or the student’s level of ability.

Maths Australia presents Math-U-See’s K-12 multisensory Maths curriculum, which was designed incorporating every component necessary for successful intervention, and ultimately Maths mastery success.

Math-U-See’s research based methodology of ‘Concrete – Abstract Representation – Abstract,’ is rapidly and dramatically improving numeracy outcomes for Australian students within schools, tutoring, home schooling and distance education environments.

Log onto to receive your free information pack about Math-U-See’s interactive, multisensory and mastery based Maths program.

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Bio Balance

Bio-Balance Health’s primary aim is to make available in Australia information regarding the use of comprehensive biochemical assessments and advanced complementary nutritional treatments for a range of mental and behavioural disorders, including; ADD, ADHD, learning disorders and autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

Bio-Balance Health supports on a not for profit basis the training of Medical Practitioners in Australia.

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Angels for Autism

Angels for Autism provides online information, resources and support for anyone working with students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder attending mainstream primary schools.

The user-friendly, visual tools provided here, will assist to develop student participation, understanding and independence.

The Autism Support Kit condenses the overwhelming amount of information, resources and tools available into a practical, down to earth and easy to use kit.

The Autism Support Kit includes valuable, practical, time saving and visual resources that offers a concise platform that is both effective and consistent.

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Steadfast Training

Steadfast Training (building resilience) was founded in 2006 and has kept abreast of this exciting and developing field. Founder, speaker and lead trainer Ingrid Poulson, is well known and respected in the field, using both the latest research and lived experience to educate others about this important skill.

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